Functional – Integrative Medicine

At the Florida Medical Specialty Group (FMSG) we concentrate our practice on the intelligent use of the tools, tenets and foundations of Functional Medicine.

Functional Medicine, often called Integrative Medicine – is really the basis of all human physiology and pathophysiology in our bodies. This field of medicine constant reminds the medical practitioner – “what” is the root cause of the disease or metabolic system we are addressing.

One would think – “Well, isn’t ALL medicine ‘Functional’ or ‘Integrative’ Medicine.” And in reality – the answer is a resounding YES.

But “Conventional” medicine and physicians often view “Functional Medicine” as an alternative form of the practice of medicine. The reason is conventional medicine has been overburden with the complexities of physiology and pathophysiology and concentrate on a “disease management” approach to the practice of medicine. On the other hand, Functional Medicine sticks with the root cause – and first – attempts to apply natural and more physiological answers to the body’s infirmities.

Functional Integrative Medicine

This is especially important when understanding that the body has a limited number of signs and symptoms which it may use to “express” itself; many many diseases or illnesses may express themselves through the same sign or symptom. Abiding by a root cause analysis forces the practitioner to attempt to isolate the exact physiological pathway which is being affected – and threat the root the cause. Conventional medicine may be “quick” to simply identify the symptom complex – and assign a pharmaceutical medication which address the overall “problem.”

One very basic tenet of functional medicine is that as our bodies become older – and become more stressed – and evidence more signs and symptoms of malfunction – a root cause is commonly: Inflammation. In most cases, while inflammation is surely the “root” cause of a patient’s symptoms, it is the stronghold against which many diseases and illnesses will sprout from. Thus, one cause or inciting factor of inflammation may lead to a number of different diagnoses – like Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Depression, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Pre-Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome, etc., etc. These expressions of illness are compounded in complexity, diagnosis and treatment by an individuals own genetic structure, lifestyle, nutritional and hormonal balance, and environment. That is why just “one medication” does Not “fit all” – people ARE different.

Root cause analysis and management is what is at the key of functional and integrative medicine – NOT just superficial symptom suppression. At the FMSG, our Functional Medicine approach includes our belief that:

  1. We must at all times be aware and diligent about Evidence which supports patient-centered rather than disease-centered patient improvement;
  2. Although we all have a basic biochemical commonality; individuals are different with often times unique biochemical individuality and influenced by their genetic and environmental constitution.
  3. Physiologic peace and management involve the intimate interweaving of a multitude of internal physiological processes involving stabilization of an internal dynamic balance.
  4. Health is promoted by a keen understanding of each individuals unique biology, pathophysiology and involves the intricate management of hormones, vitamins, supplements and other adjuncts to encourage homeostasis.
  5. Health, not just the absence of disease, is the foundation for a long and vital life.