Healthcare Management Services Organization

The Florida Medical Specialty Group, PA (FMSG) serves as a unique healthcare management services organization (MSO), specializing in the practices of medical physicians. The fact that FMSG is itself a duly authorized professional medical association (State of Florida) means that it truly understands how to help physicians and their practices.

As a unique MSO, FMSG primarily provides non-clinical, administrative and management support services to physicians. It is well recognized that one of the primary purposes of a MSO is to relieve licensed healthcare providers of their often burdensome and draconian non-medical business functions – so they can focus on the clinical aspects of their medical practices – and regain their time to salvage and foster their personal health, growth – and life!

Modern day healthcare holds a death-grip on the time a physician actually is able to practice medicine in the course of a day.  For instance, the International Journal of Health Services, recently published a study on US physicians and found that an “average doctor” spends between 17-20% of his time on administrative tasks. The Physicians Foundation study reports that 23% of a physician’s time is spent on non-clinical work (also reporting that 78% of physicians “sometimes, often or always” experience feelings of burnout; and that 46% of physicians indicate relations between physicians and hospitals are “somewhat or mostly negative”).

Healthcare Management Services Organization (MSO)

An even more grim picture is painted by researchers from the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System and the American Medical Association (AMA).  Their study found that physicians spent only 27% of their office day on direct clinical face time with patients (i.e., 72% of their time was non-clinical).

The type of MSO services offered by FMSG are necessarily tailored to each particular physician, or medical group, it works with. These services are often described in a Professional Services Agreement (PSA) with the physician or medical group.  While MSOs can do more than provide management services, typical services which FMSG offers include:

  1. Asset Management
  2. Coding and Billing Compliance
  3. Contract Management
  4. Credentialing and
  5. Customer Service
  6. Financial Management; Auditing, Budgeting and Accounting
  7. Human Resources and Non-Clinical Personnel Management
  8. Marketing
  9. Procurement of supplies and medications
  10. Provider Relationship Management
  11. Public Relations
  12. Quality Assurance
  13. Regulatory Compliance Oversight and Management
  14. Risk Management
  15. Scheduling and Logistics
  16. Staff Education and Training
  17. Strategic Management
  18. Vendor Management